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During April 2016, MAMA-86 followed the tradition and took part in the All-Ukrainian Environmental Promotional Event "Let's Make Ukraine Cleaner Together!" in the city of Kyiv and six regions. The activities focused on cleaning and improving local parks and recreation areas.

This event is a part of the global movement "Let's Do It! World" which today unites concerned citizens for the purposes of eliminating unauthorized landfills of household garbage and making the environment and the entire planet cleaner!

The movement began in Estonia back in 2008 when 50,000 people came together in order to clean their country from garbage. It took just five hours.

Today, "Let's Do It! World" unites some 14 million people from 112 countries and supports most intellectual and sustainable waste management principles to ensure clear future. To attain a sizeable transformation in the global society, "Let's Do It! World" sets an ambitious goal to involve in the movement approximately five per cent of the world population from 150 countries.

This year, the All-Ukrainian Environmental Promotional Event "Let's Make Ukraine Cleaner Together!" covered over 5,000 locations and some 700.000 volunteers nationwide. In addition to cleaning efforts, other events were organized and held, such as the national environmental festival "ChistoFest", forums, round tables, environmental workshops, conferences etc.

MAMA-86 always supports such ideas and approaches and during the last three years conducts its own informational and public education events at the regional level which are devoted to the promotional event "Let's Make Ukraine Clean Together!".


The Kyiv branch of MAMA-86, (the action was coordinated by S.M. Pavlovska), organized cleaning of three ponds in the Nyvka river basin and the adjacent park area located in Teremky 2 community, Holosiivsky raion. The participants to the event included 9th form students and teachers from Lyceum # 225 named after M.M. Hromov and 40 local community members. During five hours, they collected seventy 70 bags of garbage and, thus, thoroughly cleaned the area around the ponds.


The local environmental organization, MAMA-86-Zaporizhya (responsible person: A.V. Yelkin) and the collective MAMA-86 member, The Dream Republic (responsible coordinators: Z.V. Bolkova and I.V. Starova), jointly organized cleaning territories of three communities in the city of Zaporizhya (

620 volunteers from the Dream Republic (address: 13 Viyskbud Str.) cleaned 5.2 hectares of parks, alleys, and public gardens. They planted 15 trees, 70 bushes; laid 0.5 hectares of new lawns and flower beds; and eliminated four unauthorized trash dumps.

Environmental specialists held three press conferences for the local mass media and two round tables for stakeholders. Members of the Dream Republic took part in 13 subject contests and three environmental exhibitions.

An Environmental Fashion Show was conducted on the occasion of the Earth Day (

Printed materials were disseminated for the purpose of drawing attention of local residents to the problem of garbage in the streets.

From April 4th to April 22, the Dream Republic' local branch located at 6-A Mikoyan St. conducted the promotional event "Let's clean the city from garbage!" in the third Schevchenko micro-raion. Volunteers collected paper advertisements, posters etc. and brought them to paper recycling collection points.

On April 18-19 they also cleaned playgrounds for kids located at 11 Avramenko Str. and 6A Mikoyan Str. and issued the wall newspaper "Let's Make Ukraine Clean!"

Dream Republic Branch # 1 representatives develop the responsible attitude of local residents toward garbage-related problems. They educate the public on this matter and engage children in cleaning efforts. For example, they held the educational presentation "Let Ukraine Be Clean" on April 15th.

The "cleaning day" was conducted to clean the school yard at 6A Mikoyan St. on April 21st. School students were educated on why it is important to keep the community public areas clean.

A lot was done in April 2016 to clean neighbourhoods where school student leave. Their parents were engaged in land improvement works. The outcomes of the "Clean neighbourhood" promotional event were summarized on April 20th. On April 18-22, 2016, Dream Republic Branch # 1 conducted a contest of products made from recycled materials and Fashion House's show "New life of the garbage" in order to draw attention of children and parent to problems of environment protection.

Another interesting activity was a master class in making décor and toys from recycled materials which was held on April 20th in Dream Republic Branch # 3. The participants learned how secondary raw materials and waste could be recycled or used for the 2nd time.

Dream Republic Branch # 3 organized a puppet show for pre-school age children on April 18th. The puppets were made from PETs. The event promoted the responsible attitude to garbage among children.

Dream Republic members took part in a "Cleaning Day" which was conducted on April 19th in Zaporizhya Children Botanical Garden for the purpose of preparing the garden territory for visitors.

Between April 15th and April 30th Dream Republic Branch # 3 volunteers conducted the public education campaign "Let's say 'No' to the garbage in our streets" and a number of "environmental raids".

During the "Blooming flower bed" event participants planted flowers, trees, and bushes. Students radically revised their attitude to flora and fauna.

Dream Republic's structural units took active part in the city-wide promotional event "Eco-Selfie" which envisaged cleaning and making selfies against the backdrop of territories before and after cleaning.

The "Graduates' Alley" was laid down next to Zaporizhya Apprentice School # 19 at 6A Mikoyan St. on the occasion of the Earth Day.

Therefore, while participating in the All-Ukrainian Environmental Promotional Event "Let's Make Ukraine Clean Together!", representatives and volunteers from MAMA-86-Zaporizhya and Dream Republic cleaned territories in three micro-raions of Zaporizhya and planted trees, bushes and flowers; held a number of environmental public education events for young people; raised local residents' awareness of environmental matters and developed a proper attitude to the environment.


In April 2016, representatives from Kirovograd hub of MAMA-86 followed the tradition of participation in the All-Ukrainian Environmental Promotional Event "Let's Make Ukraine Clean Together!" Despite bad weather, environmental specialists and volunteers with joint efforts cleaned an area in the Victory Park located along Sugokliya river and collected 200 kg of garbage (a video report on these events is posted at


On April 22nd, on the eve of the All-Ukrainian Environmental Promotional Event "Let's Make Ukraine Clean Together!", local leaders monitored most contaminated places in the canals network in Nizhyn. One vulnerable location is a canal "Franko St. – Chervona Hreblya St. – Oster river". The analysis shows that the canal is silted up and contaminated with household garbage and organic residues. There are a lot of creeks carrying household wastewater. The river bed and banks are ploughed up to the water's edge, and the river serves a drain ditch.

On April 23rd, MAMA-86-Nizhyn representatives mobilized residents of Chervona Hreblya Street for cleaning the canal from household garbage near their households. The local government supported MAMA-86-Nizhyn's initiative to develop a wastewater canals scheme and local flood risk management plan. Local companies were given a task to organize cleaning of this canal. Budget funds were allocated for this purpose. Local environmental leaders undertook to monitor the progress in implementing the initiative.

On April 23th, MAMA-86-Nizhyn initiated planting of trees on Oster river banks for the purpose of improving the environmental situation with the river. Six and seven form students from Nizhyn Secondary School # 5 took part in this initiative. The teachers, Nataliya Klymenko and Tamara Kuskal, supervised these activities.

Nova Kahovka

With joint efforts, MAMA-86-Nova Kahovka (event coordinator: T.F. Kosak) and Dnipryanska Secondary School (event coordinator: O.I. Lopachuk) organized and held two "environmental raids":

The environmental raid "Long Live, Dnipro" was conducted on April 14th. 46 participants cleaned 2,000 m2 of the Dnipro bank near Dnipryany township and collected twenty 100 l bags of garbage.

The environmental raid "Dzherelo" (Spring) was conducted together with the City Council, Agro-Technical college, and Instrument Making Technical School on April 18th. 79 participants cleaned approximately 1,500 m2 of the Dnipro bank, took away 1.5m3 of garbage, collected twenty 100 l bags of garbage, and cleaned ten springs.

Another promotional event was conducted on April 18th to clean three creeks in Faldzinsky park in Nova Kahovka which is a local gardening landmark. 11 bags of garbage and two large heaps of branches/twigs were collected. Students form city secondary schools # 3, 5, 10 and from Tyahynka and Odrakamyanka villages, Beryslav raion, were also engaged in this activity.

Environmental leaders form the city secondary school # 5 took part in cleaning event in a young park located at the entry to the city on April 22nd. Students, together with their teacher O.A. Holovanets, dag and cleaned holes, planted cedar seedlings, and fixed other 200 young trees. Altogether, 60 participated in the event which was supported by the Environmental Committee of the School Student Parliament.

A number of efforts was organized and taken in the secondary school in Odrakamyanka village, Beryslav raion (coordinator: the school principal, L.I. Doroshenko) on April 22nd. Parents and students prepared a children playground for the summer season; cleaned the area around the perished warriors' memorial; and undertook the "Clean Stadium", "Clean Environment", and "Clean Springs" initiatives. The participants cleaned an area of 2,500 m2 and collected 1.5 tons of garbage which was taken away by the communal-owned enterprise "Odrokamyanske". The fuel was purchased with funds provided by the school parents' committee.


MAMA-86-Kharkiv organized a two week campaign to clean the territory of the city secondary school # 122. The works of students and teachers was coordinated by L.M. Oliynyk. At the completion of the campaign on April 23rd, the participants, together with the school principal I.M. Havrylova limed threes in the school garden and cleaned the entire garden.


MAMA-86-Yaremche organized cleaning of Meresny river banks near the local secondary school in Mykulychyn village (supervisor: M.V. Korchemlyuk). Employees of Karpatsky National Park, local leaders, 6 year students from the local secondary school under supervision of the biology teacher M.P. Kyselyuk, and representatives from the village council joined the event. The latter undertook to take away the collected garbage.

The goal of the event was not just to remove solid household waste but also to draw attention of children and adults to the water contamination problem. In order to raise their awareness of how acute this problem is, it was decided to conduct an environment awareness class outdoors. The children became aware of the process of deterioration of the quality of drinking water in the local source. With joint efforts, some 2 km of river bank was cleaned.

Photos are posted here.

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