The second module of the School for representatives of environmental NGOs in 2016 was completed Print
Monday, 04 July 2016 15:08


The second module of the School for representatives of environmental NGOs - 2016, held by "MAMA-86" was completed.

Since the 13th to the 19th of June 2016 in the Puhovka village, Kyiv region, in the Fortuna recreation complex the second week module of the School (the 1st module of the School was held in March this year) took place.

Throughout the week, participants learned how to mobilize the community to address environmental problems, learned to plan advocacy campaigns, to identify the needs of different types of communities and work with stakeholder groups, to engage volunteers in environmental actions, effectively assign tasks, properly motivate and encourage them for further work, and also learned more about  advocacy, lobbying and social partnership and the positive experience in solving environmental problems in various regions of Ukraine.

An important part of the training was the presentation of projects by the participants. Young environmental activists presented their environmental projects at a panel discussion and received recommendations for effective planning, evaluation and project empowerment.

In particular, representatives of regional ecological youth association "Ecosphere" Kateryna Stankevich-Koval shared  her experience of popularizing her  organization among younger audiences through social networking and writing new projects.

The representative of the Vinnytsia Regional Information Center "Creative" Levani Mosulishvili spoke about the progress of the pilot project on Chemical Safety, which was intended to draw public attention to the problem of pollution of Vinnytsia region with obsolete pesticides and their impact on human life and health.

Yana Truten (Dykan regional ecological children's NGO Zelene Serce) presented a project aimed  to improve the sanitary condition of the village Dikanka in Poltava region through the introduction of an organized system for the collection and removal of waste from the private sector (2655 households) and the system of separate waste collection.

Vasil Martyshko, an activist of the NGO Zeleny Prostir, shared his plans to implement a project aimed at promoting resource-efficient and sustainable production in industrial enterprises.

These and other projects (including the project "School  health zone " by Zaporizhzhya educational complex # 19, the project "Revival of the past - the way forward" of Kompaniyivka NGO "Interaction" etc.) caused a lively discussion among the participants. Young environmental activists shared their successes and failures, consulted each other, discussed and planned further actions together.

As part of the School for representatives of environmental NGOs participants received practical knowledge and skills that will help them in future.

The goal of the School for representatives of environmental NGOs organized by MAMA-86 is holding training campaigns to strengthen the capacity of environmental NGOs to influence environmental policy in Ukraine. The project is implemented with the financial support of the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA).

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