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Friday, 05 April 2013 11:04

iywc-3013-rus March 22, 2013, Kyiv — The All-Ukrainian Environmental NGO "MAMA-86" participated in events dedicated to the World Water Day in Lyceum #227 and Pechersk Gymnasium #75.

About 200 students, teachers and invited guests, as well as representatives from authorities and NGOs attended the events under the auspices of the NGO and the Kyiv City & Oblast Water Resources Department.

The Lyceum held a seminar, "Let's Preserve Water Resources for Next Generations," featuring reports prepared by students on water management, problems of small rivers, physical properties of water, present condition of underground waters in Ukraine, and basic approaches to sustainable use of potable water.

Natalia Chyzhmakova, Head of the MAMA-86 Kyiv City Branch "Water has neither political nor cultural borders, whether local, regional or national. Water is a common resource, and hence the water management must take into account a broad array of conflicting interests"The head of the MAMA-86 Kyiv City Branch, Natalia Chyzhmakova, made a presentation on the UN International Year of Water Cooperation. She also gave an account of activities carried out by city authorities to mark protection strips along the margins of rivers and water reservoirs in Kyiv.

Other speakers included Mykola Rybitsky from the Water Resources Department and Serhiy Yefimov from the Ukrainian Youth Climate Association, whose presentations dealt with Ukrainian water legislation, Kyiv water resources, and the impact of climate changes on water.

Yulia Roman, Lyceum Principal: "I hope every person will pick his or her own way that will be in harmony with nature, because we are an integral part of the living"Lyceum Principal Yulia Roman emphasized the importance of environmental education not only for students but also their parents. She said that today everybody is able to contribute to sustainable water management as well as water protection and renewal of water resources.

According to Ecology & Biology Teacher Sofia Lazarchuk, the World Water Day is called to remind people of the necessity to treat water resources with prudence, since the lack of water has now become an acute problem for many inhabitants of the planet.Sofia Lazarchuk, Ecology & Biology Teacher: "The fast urbanization, environment pollution and climate change endanger resources while the water demand is increasing"

In the Gymnasium, special lessons were delivered to second-grade pupil, which included watching a MAMA-86 video on water and sanitation. Olena Zubko, a member of the NGO's Kyiv City Branch, told the children about water in nature and human body, and about primary water conservation rules.

The MAMA-86 representatives also gave the Gymnasium and Lyceum posters on chemical safety and "water drop travel", and a book of environmental advices.

World Water Day, initiated by the UN General Assembly from 1933, is held annually on March 22 to draw attention to the importance of freshwater and sustainable management of freshwater resources. This year's events are special in that they are conducted in the UN International Year of Water Cooperation.

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